'Kind Cabinet' makes difference in downtown Ardmore

Published: Sep. 27, 2019 at 6:04 PM CDT
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An old filing cabinet has found a new purpose providing food and hygiene items to those in need.

Local business owner Julie Longest said she usually sees several people walking by her office downtown.

"And sometimes they'll say 'Do you have a bottle of water or some change to get something to eat?'," Longest said.

That was the inspiration for the Kind Cabinet, whose motto is 'Leave what you can and take what you need.'

People can leave donations of food and hygiene items or take them if they are in need, with all the actions being anonymous.

"But that's the beauty of it," Longest said. "It's just being kind to one another, kind to give donations and kind to just take what you need. It's never been just emptied out."

Longest said the Kind Cabinet has been in its spot at the corner of Broadway and North Washington for about three weeks.

Longest said people's reactions, namely, their respect for the cabinet and the area around it, have been a pleasant surprise.

"People aren't eating and leaving their trash here and that means a lot to me because I need it to be clean for me to be able to keep it going," Longest said. "That's been great I've really appreciated that."

She said she hopes the Kind Cabinet can inspire kindness in others.

"Kindness and compassion to our fellow human beings goes a long way and I would just encourage everyone to do kind acts," Longest said.

The kind cabinet is open 24/7 for anyone to give and receive. However, it is covered and temporarily closed when it rains.

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