Kingston boy recovering after dog bite to the face

Published: May. 12, 2017 at 9:59 PM CDT
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Brandy Carver said the service dog that attacked her son had been around the neighborhood kids for months without any issues.

"He wasn't worried about going up to the dog because it's something they do all day long,” Carver said. “It was just really really strange."

She said the dog is often chained down in the back of their apartment complex.

"I always hear it whine and I always go back there to pet it,” 8-year-old Reins told News12.

Reins said when he bent down to pet 6-month-old Henry on Thursday, the dog growled then jumped at him.

"As soon as he said my name I knew something was wrong,” Carver said. “His face right here it was just covered in blood and it was just like what do we do."

Rein’s parents took him to a Durant hospital, then drove him to Dallas for reconstructive surgery.

Carver said she knows it could have been a lot worse.

The dog will be under quarantine for 10 days.

Kingston Police said there will be no criminal charges since the dog was chained at the time of the attack.

The dog owner didn't want to appear on camera, but told us Henry is not vicious and her heart goes out to the child he bit.

Carver said her son will need to have a least one more reconstructive surgery on his lip when he gets older.

"It only hurts when I move my lip,” Reins said.

But, Reins said he doesn't mind how he looks.

"It didn't freak me out,” Reins said. “I think it just looked cool."