Kingston residents turn in petition to reduce speed limit of highway to officials

KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) - Almost 2,000 people signed a petition demanding the speed limit be reduced on part of Highway 70 from 65 to 45 mph.

It's the stretch of road from the Texoma Casino to a couple yards past Bob's Motel.

Community members, along with Kingston council members and Rep. Tommy Hardin met with ODOT officials Wednesday morning to talk about how to make that part of Highway 70 safer.

"How many people have to be terribly injured or how many people have to be killed before people say hey, enough is enough," resident Dennis Moore said.

Almost a year ago a tanker overturned after the sharp turn on the road killing the driver Glen Smith.

Just two months ago near the Texoma Casino, Sheila Roper's husband Scottie was killed when he swerved off the road and rolled his tanker to avoid hitting a car in front of him that was turning.

"Justice for my husband and his crash plus other families so that it doesn't happen to them too," Roper said.

Roper says she also hopes to see wider shoulders, well lit signage and a turn lane be added to this stretch in the future.

"The turn lanes is going to be the key cause if there was a turn lane my husband could still be here today," Roper said.

ODOT Chairman David Burrage says a speed study is currently being conducted by engineers to determine if a change in speed limit is necessary.

The recommended change will then be discussed with the mayor.

"They have a right to be concerned and you know they have a right to want a different result than what they received," Burrage said.

Officials say it could be about a month before a decision is reached and announced to the public

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