Kingston town council tables medical marijuana ordinance decision

KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) - Kingston town council decided to table the proposed medical marijuana ordinances at its meeting Tuesday night after hearing from concerned citizens, like Loren Runyan.

"I'm going to be on somebody's bad list right off the bat, but I disagree with the whole ordinance," Runyan said in the meeting.

Although the town council did intend for the ordinance to exclusively address medical marijuana, the ordinance did not specifically say "medical."

"I think it needs to be reworded and really checked into," Runyan said.

Citizens also had concerns with medical marijuana advertising in town.

The proposed ordinance said dispensaries, growing facilities and storage facilities would need to apply for an annual permit with the town clerk, a fee of $305 a year.

Retail businesses would not be allowed within 1000 feet of a school and confined to commercially zoned areas.

Kingston council members said they have noticed how surrounding cities, like Durant and Madill, have seen several medical marijuana businesses pop up.

Mayor Charlotte Matchen said there will be an increase in city revenue with marijuana businesses coming in to Kingston.

"The people in Oklahoma voted on it," Matchen said. "We cannot stop them from coming in. We might as well get the revenue off of it. We need it for our town, for a lot of things we don't have money for."

However, Matchen said there will be growing pains with setting rules.

"As these problems arise, then we will tend to them" she said. "We'll correct them. I foresee our ordinances being changed a lot in the next year."

As of April 8, the state has approved licenses for more than 83,000 patients, 1200 dispensaries, 2300 growers and 600 processors.

The next Kingston town council meeting is May 14 at 5:30 p.m.