Lab report identifies remains found in Carter co. as missing man

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant says a lab report sent to their office Thursday identified the remains found in a Gene Autry field last March as 35-year-old Brandon Jade Nichols.

News 12 spoke with his family who says they still want answers.

"I hate the word closure because I don't even know what that means, close something? You know, I'm not going to forget any of this," Brandon's father Mark Nichols said.

Last March a human skull and bones were found by a local ranch worker in a field near Jay Bird Lane and Happy Trail.

The parents of Brandon Nichols, Tami and Mark Nichols, say they weren't surprised to hear it was their son.

"We were pretty sure it was him because he had one front tooth missing and so did that skull," Mark Nichols said.

The Nichols tell us Brandon was last seen in April of 2014 on Happy Trail and Pleasant Road.

The company truck he was driving was found at the scene attached to a salt water tank.

"Brandon left this house, he just made enchilada sauce for my wife, C&J trucking called and asked if he would work for somebody else and that was the last time we saw our son," Mark said.

They say Brandon was a funny, hard working man who loved to cook.

He leaves behind three kids.

"They have good mamas, good support system, good grandparents, good aunts, uncles, cousins, there is a lot of love in our family," Brandon's mother Tami Nichols said.

"Say something good to your family members when you leave because you don't know when you are going to see them again," Mark Nichols.

Sheriff Bryant says they're still investigating but that Nichols disappearance doesn't appear to be connected to the disappearances of Molly Miller or Colt Haynes.

If you have any information about the night Nichols went missing, give their office a call.

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