Lake Texoma 10 feet above normal and rising

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- The Army Corps of Engineers says letting water out of Lake Texoma is a balancing act between what goes in and what goes out and predict the level will go up another three feet by the weekend.

"That will help slow the rise of the lake somewhat. That's not a lot of water," said Joe Custer, Deputy Operations Project Manager for the Texoma area in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Around seven Monday night, the corps said lake Texoma's level was at 627 feet and rising.

They were letting out five thousand cubic feet per second. That's about the size of an Olympic swimming pool every 17 seconds.

"I like the water on the rise. I like the flood. It's when the fish bite. The more rain the more fish," said Dickie Adams, a local fisherman.

To him and other fishermen, the rise is good news.

But for local businesses, it could be cause for concern.

The corps says they are trying to maintain a balance between the upper red region, where waters flowing into the lake are coming from and the lower red region, where the water let out will end up.

"You can only let out so much. You can't put them under water down there," said Adams.

The corps only considers water on the ground and says they adjust to rain as it falls.

"We're looking at what we can release, what we've got coming in, what we can release in concert with the other waters coming into the rivers down below us right now. So they're starting to make those adjustments as we speak," said Custer.

The last time it was this high was three years ago, when major flooding hit the area.

"2015, I was here watching it go over the spillway," said Adams.

The corps says when levels hit 630 feet, they start to take daily measurements.

At 632 feet, they go on 24-hour watch to adjust to the levels and control the flooding.

"We're walking the dam, we're looking at the dam, we're reading all of our instrumentation on a daily basis," said Custer.

"It is what it is when it comes to Mother Nature. You can't control her," said Adams.