Lake Texoma restaurant back in business after being closed for three weeks

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII)- Heavy rain in the spring caused Lake Texoma levels to rise up to 10 feet above normal, and for three weeks in June the Island Bar and Grill was closed because the water went inside the doors of the restaurant.

Andrew Motter lives nearby, he had an idea that he wanted to run by the Island's manager when they were closed.

"When it was flooded, my brother is raising his kid up at the lake over here, and I made the joke that we could drive our jet ski right up to the marina and get the island food to go," said Motter.

But then figured it probably wasn't a great idea.

"I'm sure she wouldn't like that, they've had a lot going on at the moment," said Motter.

Island restaurant manager Christi Duckworth says the restaurant tried to stay open for as long as they could, and the staff had to take everything inside out to avoid water damage.

"We all came in, cleared out the building from the front to the back, put it all in storage. It was kind of disappointing we had to completely reopen again," said Duckworth.

The restaurant was closed June 1st through the 22nd because of the high water, and Duckworth says the restaurant lost out on making $150,000 in those three weeks.

However they reopened just in time for the Fourth of July, where she says it was business as usual.

"We are ready to just be standing room only," said Duckworth.

The lake is close to two feet above normal, and the Army Corps of Engineers are releasing nearly 187,000 gallons of water per second.

Now that the Island is open again, Motter says his babysitting duties of his six-month-old nephew won't be so bad.

"There were times where my brother and his wife wanted to get away from the kid for a little bit, and leave us (Motter and the baby) here, and they would have to drive an extra 10 miles to get to a nice little bar, and we would have to sit there and watch him (the baby). So it made it a little bit worse for us too," said Motter.

There will still be fireworks shows happening on the lake this weekend, the fireworks show at the Roosevelt Bridge will go on Friday night, while the Highport Marina will host their fireworks show Saturday night.