Lake Texoma water levels rising due to heavy rains last month

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- James Neville wanted to go fishing at Eishenhower State Park Thursday after catching a few last week.

This trip,no such luck.

"When it was regular out, I could throw a bait out there and within the next 5-10 minutes BOOM it was fish on. Now its the waiting game," said Neville.

Lake Texoma is now over five feet above normal.

While it's still a good eighteen feet from reaching its spillway, with runoff from recent rains in its watershed still flowing into the lake and more heavy rain in the forecast, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the Denison Dam floodgates will remain open around the clock.

The dam is releasing over 100 thousand gallons of water per second into the Red River.

For now, some boat ramps, camp sites, and fishing piers are closed because of the high water levels.

"The primary impact is the impact to the recreative public coming to the lake coming to the lake," said Deputy Operations Manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Joe Custer.

Custer reminds everyone of the often hidden dangers higher lake levels bring.

"A lot of areas are closed down, there's a lot of driftwood and trees and things like that that come in on the upper reaches of the lake. Especially on the Red River," said Custer.

Neville hopes the water can go back down soon, so the fish start biting again.

"I'll pinpoint spots if I can catch something. They're like 'hey! look at that, lets go catch something over there,'" said Neville.