Lamar Electric Cooperative customers experience outages

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LAMAR COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Lamar Electric Cooperative says 700 households were without power for some time within the last 48 hours.

The company says they believe the cold temperatures led many customers in the North West parts of Lamar County to simultaneously turn on more appliances, causing outages in the area.

The outages happened mostly from just before eight Monday night until 10 the next morning and again this morning from six thirty to ten.

CEO and General Manager Jerry Williams says there's plenty of electricity to go around, the co-op simply underestimated the power needs of the area and has since adjusted breaker settings to fulfill them.

"Typically it doesn't get quite as cold as it got and for whatever reason, we had this one particular area that the demand for electricity actually doubled compared to what we would have expected it to be on a cold day," said Williams.

Williams confirms the record-breaking low temperatures caused record-breaking high electricity usage in Texas and urges his customers to consider conserving some energy to avoid record-breaking bills for this month.