3 Landmark Bank Texoma branches to close next year

KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) - Landmark Bank, which was acquired this past summer by Simmons Bank, has confirmed it will be closing three of its Texoma branches early next year.

Landmark bank said the Kingston branch on Highway 70, the south branch in Ada and the branch in Collinsville, Texas will be closing their doors Feb. 7.

Jeffrey Nelson lives and works as a dentist in Kingston and has used the Kingston branch for years.

"I may be moving my accounts to BancFirst because it's really going to be inconvenient to either drive to Madill or Durant to make a deposit and do banking," Nelson said.

Other customers said they are frustrated and sad at the news of their bank branch closing.

In an email from the CEO of Landmark Bank sent to News 12 by a former Landmark employee, Simmons bank reviewed several branches which saw declining numbers in transactions and new account activity.

The email also cites the growing trend in mobile banking as a reason for the closure of the branches.

However, Nelson said he likes face to face interaction.

"It's just nice to talk to some person, you know what I mean?" Nelson said.

Sixty layoffs were reported for the Madill branch of Landmark Bank. Simmons Bank could not confirm.

Landmark said bankers at the closing branches will be able to apply for other open positions in the company or receive severance if they choose to leave.

ATMs at the three locations will not be operated after they are closed.

The bank is asking customers at the three branches to move or close their safe deposit boxes by Dec. 31.

"It's just sad to see that a big corporation will take over and just shut the doors on a banking system here in Kingston," Nelson said. "We're going to miss it."