Lamar County home explodes

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LAMAR COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A home is destroyed after it exploded Sunday morning.

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"It has three stories, a basement-- it's a very large home."

Faught volunteer fire captain Tyler Browning got a call Sunday around 6 a.m. that a large home had exploded on Private Road 42495, igniting flames and tossing debris hundreds of feet away.

"We were first on scene. The house had major damage-- it was only about two walls standing," Browning said.

It took about 11 departments almost two hours to control the flames.

"I've only been to one other home explosion in my 20 years doing this," Browning said. "It's pretty rare."

A couple lived in the home but happened to be out of town.

"So we knew there was nobody inside. Even the family pet escaped the fire."

The couple's son lives a couple hundred feet away.

"It knocked the front wall of their house a little backwards from the force," Browning said.

The fire destroyed two cars along with the home.

"They got a few documents they really needed, a few pictures they could get."

Browning said the state fire marshal came out Sunday to investigate a cause.

He said it's not suspicious, and could possibly be related to gas or propane that sparked.

"Everybody that came out did a phenomenal job. We were able to get the fire under control in a timely manner--everybody did great," Browning said.

Browning said the state fire marshal will continue his investigation Monday.

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