Last days for $5 adoption fees, Clear the Shelter starts Saturday in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The City of Ardmore welcomes the Clear the Shelter event on Saturday by starting early and lowering the adoption fee to $5.

The City of Ardmore welcomes the Clear the Shelter event on Saturday. Friday is the last day during the week where people can take advantage of a $5 adoption fee before the weekend.

Friday is the last day during the week to take advantage of the special, and Executive Director Kasey Renteria said people don’t have to wait for the weekend rescue an animal.

"We are over capacity, so I didn't want people to wait until Saturday to come adopt. I want them to get out here now and do it and take advantage for several days. There’s no excuse that you couldn't make it for an one day event," Renteria said.

Since starting the special on Wednesday, the shelter has seen a decrease in animals. The numbers show it started at 188 animals, but now 138 animals are living at the shelter.

Families like the Hemenways are contributing to the numbers lowering after bringing home Bonnie, a Pointer and Labrador mix.

"I like the fact of giving a dog a second chance versus paying for a purebred or something like that. You pay a lot of money when there's plenty of good dogs sitting in shelters," said Brandi Hemenway.

Renteria said the lower fee covers the same cost as the normal adoption fee, but it shouldn’t encourage people to buy compulsively.

"If you are not a 100 percent sure you are ready for the long term commitment of an animal, if you don't think you're financially prepared to take care of an animal, please wait to adopt," Renteria said.

She said the best thing to do is plan your visit before giving an animal a new forever home.

"Spend some time with each pet,” Renteria said. “Don't fall in love with the first puppy dog eyes you see. Make sure it's the right fit for your family and make sure you're the right fit for that pet."