Late movie star has Texoma ties

Published: Mar. 5, 2019 at 11:09 PM CST
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Actor Luke Perry's family announced Monday he had died after suffering a massive stroke last week and the news has hit those who knew him hard, including many in Texoma.

"When he shakes your hand, he's not afraid to hold tight and snug to that and my daddy always told me that was a sign of integrity," said Patricia Carpenter, who produced Red Wing.

Luke Perry's name may be synonymous with the hit 90's show 90210 for many.

But in Texoma, he's known for playing Carl Blanton in Red Wing, a film shot in Grayson County, or his portrayal of Lane Frost, a rodeo star from Atoka, who died in a bull riding accident.

"He walked by my truck about halfway, looked at me, stopped and went back around to the passenger side and opened up the door, hung his feet out on top of the door, sat down in the seat and took his hat off and slapped his leg and said, 'man, what a day," said Brent Adams.

His son, actor Lucas Adams, worked with Perry on Red Wing.

Adams says Perry was just a regular guy, with a job to do.

"I also believe he was a man who loved what he did, which is why he became so good at what he did," said Carpenter.

Representing an area of the country that wasn't seen on the silver screen very often.

"That means a lot to folks because he didn't come in looking down his nose at us, he came in being just regular fella that just happened to do a job reading lines that somebody wrote for him," said Adams.

And taking those roles to heart.

"Luke Perry used to go back and visit Lane Frost's family annually on the memorial of his death," said Carpenter.

People who knew him praised him humility and his ability to be 'normal', while still being a household name.

"He showed up at the premier in that red hay-hauling shirt with the sleeves cut off. Everybody else is all dressed up to the nines and he's wearing that hay-hauling shirt. So he's just a regular old fella," said Adams.

A manner they say they will miss, now that he's gone.

"Heart-wrenching. And that just tells me the type of character that Luke Perry has," said Carpenter.

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