Neighbors react to late night fire that burned hundreds of acres

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ENOS, Okla. (KXII)-- A grass fire burned hundreds of acres in Marshall County Tuesday night.

"The sky was orange, glowing, and the flames were just huge." Neighbor Crystal Pierce said.

Pierce and her husband were putting their son to bed Tuesday night, when the sound of fire engines drew them outside.

"They were over the neighbor's metal shop building, the flames were so high," Pierce said. "It was definitely alerting, and very scary."

Ultimately, nearly 300 acres burned just across the street from their home near Cardinal Lane and Post Office Road.

"We knew it was across the road from the home addition, but with the high winds, it was a little bit concerning." Pierce said.

It took two fire departments nearly an hour to get the blaze under control. Firefighters say fast winds and rough terrain made the fire difficult to fight.

"When its real windy, you just can't hardly keep up with a fire," Enos Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Snider said. "If a fire is burning at eight miles an hour, I can't run that fast. I don't know anybody that can."

No homes or livestock were lost, but some equipment was damaged, and one firefighter hurt his foot.

"That's just part of what we do, trying to save lives, save homes," Snider said. "Make it to where everyone can go home."

Firefighters were out several times Wednesday, putting out rekindles and burning off flammable brush.

"Very grateful for our fire department. They are a very good team," Pierce said. "They had it handled. It made me feel at ease." (PIERCE)

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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