Late night storm damages homes in Mead

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MEAD, Okla. (KXII) -- Several residents in Mead Monday morning were cleaning up the mess the storm made Sunday night.

"The wind was blowing really hard and all of a sudden the roof came off the house and the rain started coming in," Mead resident Linda Lodes said.

Lodes was with her husband and son when the storm came through Mead around 9:00.

A different scene, she says, than they were hoping to have over the holiday weekend.

"There's no thoughts," Lodes said. "There's no words. You're just kind of in shock and you don't even know what to do next except get in the cellar."

Residents in the area were without electricity the whole night and spent the morning cleaning up the damage.

Trees were found in the middle of roads and boat houses were a total loss.

55 to 65 mile an hour winds picked up a gazebo from the back yard to the front of a house.

Some residents were about to fall asleep when the storm came.

"Last night, we were all getting ready for bed," visitor Lara Hussain said. "We saw the winds start to move up and at some point we opened the door and it looked like the wind was blowing sideways with rain coming in."

"Actually, we had just laid down and the rain started and I said, 'Oh, here comes the rain.' And then two minutes later, we were up again," Mead resident Richard Green said.

There have not been any reports of injuries.

Lodes has had her house flooded twice prior to the storm, but now doesn't know what to do next.

"We have no clue that's the thing, I've always wondered what people do." Lodes said. "We're talking to the insurance and hopefully get some advice on what to do, but we can't live in it so I guess the first thing to do is to find a place to stay until we can start getting it cleaned up."