Law enforcement warns parents of sex offenders ahead of Trick-or-Treating

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - With Halloween coming up tomorrow, law enforcement wants parents to be aware of sex offenders when they take their kids trick or treating.

Sierra Flinn is a mother of two young children and says she's already been told about some of her neighbors being registered sex offenders.

"We've gotten a few warnings from a couple of them. So we know when our kids are outside, we have to be outside. Because I know there was one right down the road from us. So they're not allowed to ride their bikes or anything down there," said Flinn.

George Wimbish's children are a little older than Flinn's and offers this tip for parents taking their kids out on Halloween.

"They can yank your kid in the door, and then there it is. And then you go and try to go in and they have a gun. So most of all, make sure you have your phone in case something do happen," said Wimbish.

There are about 100 registered sex offenders in the Denison area, however, Lt. Mike Eppler says Denison police have not had any calls about them on Halloween.

"Highly recommend you go to places where you know who the people are and you know the area. If there are organized events such as Monsters on Main, or a lot of churches have activities, you can certainly go to those. It's a safe place to be," said Lt. Eppler.

Flinn says her plans have already been made to trick or treat away from her home.

"You can look up all the neighbors, just to know who's living around you anyways," said Flinn.

To see if any registered sex offenders live near you, you can check the Texas DPS website or the Oklahoma Sex Offender registry.