'Lawn Mower Girl' shows kindness through freshly cut lawns

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COMMERCE, Tex. (KXII) -- "This is something I just wanted to do," said 9-year-old Estrella Cruz, also known as 'Lawn Mower Girl'.

Estrella started her own lawn mowing business for the summer.

"Well, I did want to make some extra cash for the summer," said Estrella.

She says the money was nice, but she soon learned about a way she could mow lawns and help people at the same time.

"The elderly, the disabled, single mothers and veterans," said Estrella.

It's called the 50 Yard Challenge, a nationwide program that encourages kids to help their communities by mowing lawns for people who can't.

"To date, 12 kids nationwide have completed it and currently we have 130 kids that are taking part in the 50 yard challenge," said 50 Yard Challenge Founder Rodney Smith, Jr.

Estrella says the challenge helped her learn some things are worth more than money.

"I feel happy when I give somebody something and it makes them happy," she said.

"They really enjoy coming out and making a difference, you know. It's pretty cool to see a small idea grow into something really big," said Smith.

Estrella and her mother started a Facebook page to help get the word out and now, the Commerce community is behind her every step of the way.

"It's great! Hard workers are very hard to find these days," said Scott Ward, Owner of Fix and Feed in Commerce.

She's making the world a better place, one lawn at a time.

"I'm hoping that I am making the world a little bit better," said Estrella.

And encouraging other kids to use their summer to do the same.

"Get off the couch. Maybe do something like play outside. It doesn't have to be something big. You can go somewhere fun with your family like out on the trails, go to the park, something like that, not just sitting on the couch," said Estrella.

She knows it doesn't matter what size you are, anyone can make a big difference.

"You're able, you know. You're able no matter how old you are, young you are. You are able to make a difference," said Smith.