Liberty Christian Academy preparing for 'Spring Fling' vendor event

Liberty Christian Academy is preparing for their "Spring Fling" vendor event on March 24th.

Administrator Stephanie McNutt, and Sarah Smith Event/Fundraiser Planner for the Academy shared about the event on News 12 AM.

McNutt had this to say: "We are wrapping up our 4th academic year, and starting in the fall we will be offering two learning options for our academy. 'On Campus Learning and Distance Learning' to accommodate both those families seeking the social environment of a structured school as well as those wanting to remain in the homeschool setting but desire an accredited program. We are excited about our Spring Fling Vendor event on March 24th that will be held at the school on 120 W. Mulberry. We have over 40 vendors participating in this event and we hope that the community will come out and support these kids and vendors. We are opening April 1st for fall enrollment, and we only have limited space available. We are very proud of the progress we are making, and we simply want to be a blessing to our community."

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