Lightning strike damages Denison homes

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - Lightning hit a Denison house Monday afternoon, damaging it and surrounding homes.

"I mean it was just something out of a movie scene. It really was not good to be that close," said Mark Davis, who witnessed it happening.

He was getting home from work in Monday afternoon's storm when he saw lightning strike his neighbor's house across the street on West Johnson Street.

"Saw the lightning blow from the house, blow from the tree, go straight up in the air," Davis said.

Lightning hit the tree, left holes in the ground and uncovered roots.

Davis witnessed windows shatter and a bush uprooted, debris still embedded in the roof overhang.

All in a split second.

"I felt the tingle in my feet. Do not like electricity at all," Davis said.

The bolt even cracked brick and blew off a chunk of concrete from the foundation.

Firemen believe that's what hit Kortnie Peterman's home next door.

"All of a sudden we hear a big bang and my cat flew off the bed and my dog curled up next to me and I didn't know what happened," Peterman said.

She works the night shift and was asleep when it happened.

"It was scary, it was scary to think that could have hit my house. It was so close," Peterman said.

One of her windows is broken and there are holes in the siding of her house.

"I have masks inside that I've had for a really long time that are now shattered, pictures of my kids were on the floor and they're all broken," Peterman said.

Firemen say nothing caught fire, but they turned off gas, electric and water lines at the house that was hit.

Around the corner at a house on North Bush Ave, lightning caused an electrical shortage.

"It happened and luckily everybody is safe on the block and that's all that matters," Peterman said.

The people who live there were at work when it happened.

They'll be staying with relatives for now.