Local airline going back to Bahamas to offer assistance

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A local non-profit airline is offering help to the Bahamas for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

One plane got back from the Bahamas last week when the preliminary team went to assess what the devastated area needed.

"It's heart-wrenching. I mean I can't imagine walking in one day and having your home and you walk out the next day and you're stepping over the bodies of your friends and family," said founder of Judah 1 Airline Everett Aaron.

Aaron said they left last Thursday with medical supplies to determine the immediate needs in the Bahamas.

They took nine volunteers from around the country to Nassau, where they rode ten hours on a boat to get to Abaco.

"So that's our initial response, next week we're going to be taking our big plane in to actually go in there and take 8,000 buckets from Home Depot we're going to be filling full with food," Aaron said.

Aaron said there was an influx of people coming into the Bahamas at first, but next week is a crucial time.

"Now this is when things get desperate because the people that are still stuck there, they have no help so that's what we're planning to do," Aaron said.

He said Judah 1 plans to leave at the end of next week with food and water for victims and workers, along with medical personnel and volunteers.

"So we went in and we verified what we needed to make things happen and of course they need water purification systems, food is a big deal," Aaron said.

Aaron said local churches and school districts have donated food and clothing to help with the assistance.

"It's always about community and watching people help, and the heart's been just huge here in Grayson County, we love it," Aaron said.

Aaron said he's also organizing ways for the community to get involved in the relief efforts.