Local batting cage business helped raise thousands of dollars for Denison softball player

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - On Sunday, D-Bat Texoma's batting cages will be made into a dining hall for a chili dinner, with all proceeds going to help Presley Mitchell's family.

D-Bat owner Chase Tidwell says they are planning for hundreds of people to come for this cause.

"People have reached out from California, New Mexico, Kansas, Ohio, so its just been absolutely wonderful," said Tidwell.

Tidwell says Presley would come to batting practice with her softball team at D-Bat, and were heartbroken to find out she had passed away on Saturday.

On Sunday, Tidwell met with parents on some of the teams and coworkers, and decided to have a chili dinner at their facility to help out the family.

"It just happened to come together literally in two to three hours," said Tidwell.

The folks at D-Bat started the online fundraiser on Monday afternoon, and the original goal was to raise $1000 to help Presley's family with anything they may need.

After raising a thousand dollars quickly, they changed the goal to $5000, and it just kept going higher.

"As of five minutes ago, we have almost $26,000 donated to us," said Tidwell.

In 24 hours, the donation page raised nearly $28,000, with a new goal of $35,000.

There will even be two softball tournaments set up in Presley's honor, one will be held in Denison, and another will be held in the DFW area, with proceeds going to help as well.

"The power of sport is important, and its uniting, its unbelievable," said Tidwell.

Tidwell says if you would like to donate any chili or dessert for the meal, you may drop them off at D-Bat Texoma before noon on Sunday.