Local burger joint serving up history in their new home

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- MG's has been a staple in Sherman since 1982.

"We've been coming here probably for about five years." said Eric, an MG's regular.

"20 years, I'm guessing," said Jim Hall, apparently more regular.

Manager Chanel Stiggers has them beat.

She started working at MG's 25 years ago.

"This community, they're just like family to us. We like to take care of them. We just like to talk to them and they like to come in and eat. We've made a lot of friends up here," said Stiggers.

Stiggers says the food makes fans but it's the people that keep them coming back.

"It's just an excellent place to eat," said Hall.

That's why the owners of MG's knew people would still come when they made the change to a bigger location right next door.

"I love it! Actually, I was kind of, you know, I was sad because I loved our building and we'd been in there for so long. But I'm here now and I love it," said Stiggers.

"It's really good here," said Marley, eating at MG's.

What used to be a gas station is now home to the infamous eatery.

"We can hold a lot more people and everybody's just so excited and happy and they're just, you know. It's a lot of fun," said Stiggers.

They're known for burgers but MG's says they have something for everyone and they'll keep it coming in their new location.

"They're like, the best chicken tenders I've ever tasted in my whole life," said Adam, eating at MG's.

"We always get the fried pickles," said Eric.

"I've been begging them to give me the recipe but it's the best grilled chicken sandwich I've ever tasted," said Jim Hall.

MG's does not know what they will do with their old building yet.

For now, they're just enjoying their new digs and so are their customers.