Local business booms using elderberry concentrate to fight flu

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - A local business is using natural remedies to fight the flu...and customers all agree it's working.

"I've seen messages about this and it piqued my interest," said Sherman resident Crystal May. "Anything that can keep you healthy during this season."

May was talking about elderberry concentrate, a natural flu remedy that's become incredibly popular during the vicious flu season.

"We do give it to our two older kids around all the germs," May said. "So far, we've been really lucky and they haven't gotten sick either."

A Denison business owner caught wind of elderberry's positive traits, and at his business Booth's Brew, he sells the concentrate by the jar.

"Whenever the flu vaccine came out, they said it was 15-20% effective," said co-owner and director of operations of Booth's Brew, Todd Brazier. "People started looking for alternatives, so elderberry has had this massive boom."

Brazier said his customers can't get enough of the berry. A study from the Journal of International Medical Research showed when it's used within 48 hours after flu symptoms show, it can shorten the duration by four days, and prevent the virus as well.

"It's been nuts," Brazier said. "Since Jan. 1 especially we sold several hundred jars. We were one of the few places that actually stocked beforehand so everyone sold out."

He delivers the concoction all over the area, like to Braddock Chiropractic in Van Alstyne.

"The stuff by Booth's Brew has been the highest quality elderberry we've ever had," said chiropractor Caleb Braddock. "So we're very tickled to have it in our office."

The recommended dose is one tablespoon for adults and a teaspoon for kids. At $25 for 32 oz., which will last two adults for a month, May said it's worth it.

"We're just hoping for the best and taking our daily regimen," May said.

Booth's Brew is having its grand reopening Saturday from 12-6. They'll offer their kombucha and ginger beer along with their elderberry concentrate. The link to their Facebook is on the sidebar of the website.

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