Local business warning others after string of check fraud

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) Police said Misty Fee was wearing a wig as a disguise when she was taken into custody in Bokchito on Wednesday.

We’re told Fee was caught trying to cash a forged payroll check, and it wasn’t the first in recent days.

The same thing happened in Hugo last week, three companies defrauded out of more than $3000. All the checks were made payable to the same name.

“Our banker, being aware and attentive to the recent fraud activity, notified the branch manager that there could be a suspect in the drive through,” First United Bank representative Daylin Hash said. “The one we’ve been looking for.”

Police said Fee got spooked and left but later came back for the check and license belonging to a different woman.

That's when the officer showed up.

Police tell us Fee was trying to cash a Blue River Tractors payroll check.

"They told us what had happened,” Vice President Tony Winslett said. “Cashed one in Hugo and tried to cash one in Bokchito."

It’s not the first time we’ve reported on this suspect.

Misty Fee pleaded no contest to forgery in 2013. She still faces charges in that one, plus drug charges in Choctaw County.

“I personally think if they worked that hard at a real job they could make more money and not have to take the risk,” Winslett said. “Everybody needs to pay attention. Business owners need to watch their checks and watch their accounts daily.”

Hash said it’s getting harder and harder to stay ahead of fraudsters.

“They’re moving faster than we can,” Hash said. “So I encourage all customers to monitor their daily activity through a mobile phone app.”

Hash also said customers should attend fraud training and notify their bank and local authorities the moment they realize something has been lost or stolen.

The Bryan County District Attorney’s Office tells News12 Bokchito Police sent them a preliminary report regarding Fee’s arrest.

They have asked police for a follow up investigation so they can determine what charges to file, which are expected to come down sometime next week.