Local company honors family of fallen officer

Published: Aug. 25, 2017 at 5:55 PM CDT
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PARIS, Texas (KXII) -- Members of law enforcement risk their lives daily for the safety of others, but there's a lot at stake for their families too.

"I'd always tell Jeff when he'd get to the border, I'd call him up and I'd say 'be careful down there and I love you'," says Donnie Nichols, father of a fallen state trooper.

Trooper Jeff Nichols was killed in the line of duty in march 2016 after his patrol unit veered off the road and hit a tree.

Trooper Nichols' death was a shock to the community, which immediately surrounded his family with support.

And over a year later, one local business is still lifting up the family of the fallen.

"I can just see him and his dad together on a fishing boat and so forth so we thought giving a boat and a trailer to haul it with would be such an awesome opportunity, " said Corny Theissen, CEO of Load Trail.

Trailer manufacturer Load Trail met Trooper Nichols' family at a fundraiser in April and wanted to do their part to honor his memory.

"He would serve in this area quite often, so we know him. So we were thankful for his service in the area," said Theissen.

Load Trail gave the Nichols family a bass boat and a custom-made trailer with Trooper Nichol's name and badge number displayed on the side.

A roughly $2500 gift honoring the trooper's love of hunting and fishing, sports his Dad used to enjoy doing with him.

Donnie says it will be like his son is with him this year when he takes the trailer out for hog season.

"When we catch a big hog we'll put it up on that trailer," says Nichols.

A scholarship fund has been set up by the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association in Trooper Nichols' name.

Visit their Facebook Page for information on how to donate.