Grayson County dispatchers looking to live stream deputy dash cam video

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - The Grayson County Sheriff's Office is applying for a grant for a $15,000 system that would allow dispatchers and supervisors to live stream dash cam video from officers on cell phones, computers and tablets.

The system, PatrolScout, is utilized by the Van Alstyne Police Department and Sherman Police Department already.

Kayla Sweet has been a dispatcher with Van Alstyne PD for six years. She said their department has been able to keep an eye on their officers easier with the system.

"It really comes in handy when an officers are on a traffic stop or something," Sweet said.

Captain Sarah Bigham with the sheriff's office said it would allow them to check up on officers and call for backup if they're in trouble and not responding.

"It allows our dispatchers to see a live feed from the officers' dash cam video so they can assure the safety of the officers and public during an ongoing situation," Bigham said.

Bigham said their dispatchers are required to check in on the officers about every five minutes, so not having to radio in or call officers would make life easier for dispatchers like Jami Brown with the sheriff's office.

"We get busy and occupied in various duties, and to be able to look at a screen and see they're safe without interrupting them would be awesome," Brown said.

Sweet said it's already been a big success with Van Alstyne.

"We can still look at this and say, 'Hey, everything is still okay,'" Sweet said.

The sheriff's office will find out in August if they're approved for the $15,000 system, all of which would be covered by the state government.

If approved, the system will be ready to go by October.

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