Local first responders celebrate National EMS week

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "With the lights and the sirens and the adrenaline rush that it has, and I can go out and save people and I can truly make a difference," Johnston County EMS Director Kenny Power said.

Johnston County emergency responders say they all have one thing in common, a love for helping others.

"If I can help somebody have a little bit of a better day then I've done my job," EMT Thomas Miller said.

Emergency Responders all over the country have been celebrated and honored for National EMS week.

"That means more than anything in the world to me that we are appreciated for what we do," Miller said

Power says the job is exciting but it can also be challenging.

"There are people who do this job that can do it for years, and finally have that one call that says that's it ... I've had enough I'm out of here and that's okay," Power said.

Emergency Medical Responder Amanda Golden started as a dispatcher.

"From going to hearing those people to actually being with those people, to responding to those calls, that's what I enjoy," Golden said.

Power says he's thankful the community recognizes his crew's hard work.

"My goal as director is to make sure the 18 people I have working here at Johnston County are at the top of their game," Power said. I could be that patient, my wife could be that patient, my dad any of our loved ones could be that patient."