Local gas prices on the rise

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Reports show oil prices surged after the U.S. launched a missile attack on Syria Thursday night, and Friday, that surge is starting to be felt at the pump.

The price of crude oil shot up Thursday night by a dollar per barrel before settling Friday, still up 50 cents.

Gas prices have already been on the rise this week, and in Sherman, prices went up two cents overnight on average, but some said they noticed a jump even higher.

"A dollar in the matter of seconds for a barrel of oil, so when is this gonna stop? Especially for people that commute and we that are on fixed income," Donna Todd said, who lives in North Texas.

Some Texomans were shocked to see the prices Friday.

"In words I can say on television, oh my goodness, now what?" Todd said. "From $1.99 last Monday to $2.09 today."

Others said they expected it.

"It's unfortunate, but anything that occurs globally can impact the prices of petroleum, and it's just one of those things we have to deal with," Jessie Gentry said, who lives in North Texas.

AAA said the statewide average in Texas Friday is $2.20, 8 cents higher than last week. It's a rise they said was due to a more expensive summer blend fuel and demand increase with warmer weather, but with gas prices on the rise already, Thursday's attacks may surge the price even more.

"Anytime there's political unrest, global unrest, it does tend to have an impact on oil prices and that could trickle down to the retail level, and gas prices tend to see up ticks when we see these types of global events," Doug Shupe said with AAA Texas.

AAA said it's too early to know how much the attacks will affect oil prices.

"We will continue to watch these gas prices in the days to come to see what kind of an impact the airstrikes may have on them," Shupe said.

"We don't know what tomorrow holds, we just have to prepare for it," Gentry said.