Local gym moves online, after ordered to close temporarily

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - At 11:59 Friday night, an executive order signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott went into effect, causing gyms across the state to close for two weeks.

The order limits social gatherings to 10 people, prohibits eating out or drinking at restaurants and calls all area gyms and athletic centers to close.

"There's been a lot of changes, and we're trying to be fluent in this environment," said Shawn Teamann.

Shawn Teaman owns two of the many Nautilus Family Fitness centers throughout Texoma.

"You know, every time you have a stressful situation, exercise does help release endorphins, it makes you feel better and it can really turn your whole mentality around," Teamann said.

Teamann said they are fortunate to be able to continue to pay employees. He said his team has a plan to keep business afloat during this time.

"We're now currently doing streaming classes online - it's something we've never done before," said Teamann.

By moving workout classes, and personal training methods online, he's hoping to keep both his employees and members happy.

"I plan on doing one, if not two," said Julie Murray.

Julie Murray has been a member of Nautilus fitness for 30 years.

Murray said going to the gym every morning is how she likes to start her day.

"I am a routine person and I know there's a lot of nautilus members that are on a scheduled routine," Murray said.

But starting Saturday, Murray said she'll be working out from her living room.

"I'm really excited that Nautilus is doing this, because now we can stay on our exercise routine that we're used to," said Murray.

Murray plans to keep her membership active, but for those who are uncertain about streaming the online courses, Nautilis Family Fitness offers other solutions if members contact them directly.