Local gym re-opens, taking extra safety precautions

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Under Texas Governor Greg Abbott's first phase to open the state, gyms got the option to re-open Monday.

Nautilus Family Fitness in Sherman re-opened their doors at midnight after being closed for nearly two months.

"If you feel like there needs to be a little bit more time before you get back here that's completely understandable but otherwise we're here for you if you want to come and feel safe coming, we've tried to implement as many safety protocols as possible," owner Shawn Teamann said.

Teamann. said they have shut down every other cardio machine to keep people social distancing..

"We have two hundred disinfectant bottles made for members to be able to utilize," Teamann said.

Teamann said they are asking people to wipe down machines after they use them, and a cleaning crew is constantly disinfecting.

He said the bottles are even sanitized after people use them.

"We've also added security turnstiles to monitor our traffic flow," Teamann said.

Teamann said at 25 percent of the gym's max capacity, about 250 people are allowed in at a time.

"We do have the capability to count people using the turnstiles with entires and exits but we don't anticipate coming anywhere close to our 25 percent capacity," Teamann said.

Locker rooms and showers are closed, and they are restricting the capacity in the sauna and pool area.

If people prefer to stay home, Nautilus plans to continue to offer some online workout classes

"We do have plans for some parking lot classes as well," Teamann said.