Local newspaper publisher starts intern program

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WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. (KXII) Sarah Owen of Whitewright doesn't have a background in journalism.

"We just couldn't see it go away. Seeing so much history it was really hard not to fall in love with what a valuable resource the paper had been for the community for so long," said Owen.

But when the opportunity came to continue its legacy, she took on the Whitewright Sun Newspaper without hesitation.

"If we lose print media then we lose kids in the paper, we lose high school football photos, 'cause not everybody is gonna cover every little small town," said Owen.

It's a full-time job without a paycheck. Instead Owen sets aside profits to continue paying it forward in the community.

"If you subscribe or anything, anything that's left over after we print and mail a paper out to y'all it's all saved to be able to fund the scholarship," said Owen.

Owen began a scholarship program for Whitewright High School students this year. Seniors Emily Skinner, Hannah Williams and Kate Phillips wrote for the Whitewright Sun as interns for 40 weeks.

"They have to come up with their own topics and submit them on a deadline. They gotta do their own interviews," said Owen.

Whether they pursue journalism in the future, Owen says they gain skills to carry with them no matter their career path. They'll also each be given a $1,000 scholarship from the Whitewright Sun, funded by their hometown.

"You become a part of the living legacy of the 136 year old newspaper and generations from now people will be reading your articles to find out what the COVID was like, what graduation was like," said Owen.

You can subscribe to the Whitewright Sun newspaper by visiting their website.