Local parents warn of the dangers of hot playground equipment

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Ashley Rands took her three kids to THF park in Denison to release some energy.

She says because of the sometimes triple digit heat, she has some requirements to make sure her kids don't get burned.

"I don't like the metal playgrounds because I know that those are super hot, so plastic is usually better. I also like to look for playgrounds that have shade sometimes, so if its just kind of open and there's not really any shade, its going to be super hot," said Rands.

According to the National Program for Playground Safety, playground materials that children touch with their hands and feet have recorded temperatures up to 189 degrees, which can burn a child's skin.

A representative from Denison Parks and Recreation says they've made changes to all of their equipment over the past five years, and plan to phase out the last metal slides by September.

Dylan Johnson with Sherman Parks and Rec says they're doing the same.

"All of our equipment is made to be a little bit safer, that way it doesn't burn kids (going) down slides," said Johnson.

In their most recent study, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says close to 1200 people were treated for burns that came from hot playground equipment. between 2010 and 2015.

Sherman and Denison school districts say they don't allow an outdoor recess if the heat index reaches 100 degrees.

Ashley also has suggestions for other parents while the sun is still beating down on playgrounds.

"I always take my kids out really early in the morning if I'm going to the park and its hot. So I don't really take them out past noon," said Rands.

As for the metal playground equipment, Johnson says they will look to phase out this equipment next summer.