Local police department has new camera for disaster situations

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ANNA, Tex. (KXII) - Anna police have a new high definition camera that mounts on the back of patrol cars and rises up to 35 feet to record video and pictures from miles away.

Lt. Jeff Caponera with the department said they will use the camera for disaster situations, major accidents, active shooter situations or any events with a lot of people who may need extra precaution.

"It can let us watch a scene from a distance and from a birds eye view," Caponera said. "It can kind of give us an overall assessment of what hazards our first responders are going to be facing."

The camera clips on the back of patrol cars with a trailer hitch and takes five minutes to rise up to 35 feet.

"it can see up to two miles and its very detailed," he said. "It's an HD camera."

The system ran the department $17,000, which they budgeted for.

Caponera said he isn't aware of any other local police departments with a similar system...but he said they'll share.

"This certainly is a tool everybody will have access to," he said, "should something large scale occur."

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