Local school commemorates high school seniors with graduation parade

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) A Texoma High School went on with graduation celebrations though a little different than previous years. Durant high school seniors received their diplomas in style.

"I'm most excited for just to start a new chapter in life," said senior, Haylie Kreitz.

Durant seniors were honored with a virtual commencement ceremony, where honor students were recognized.

Friends, Kreitz and Kai Liwai, are happy to still experience graduation together.

"Whenever she moved here I was one of her first friends, and so now we're graduating together, so that's pretty cool," said Liwai.

"Yes and we're going to college together so I'm excited for that too," said Kreitz.

While they didn't get to walk across the stage like they dreamed about, all 219 graduates lined up and paraded down Main Street. They were cheered on by family and friends with complete pomp and circumstance.

"This was there's no limit on how many people can come and see all the graduates so if everyone wanted to come and the whole town they could come see us,' said Liwai.

Senior and 2020 A+ Athlete, Cooper McCoy, was glad the school held a unique ceremony for them.

"I'm planning on going to UCO so I'm really excited about that, but I love this experience. This is awesome!" said McCoy.

The parade route led them to the high school, where they were greeted with a firework show, warm smiles and their long-awaited diploma.

"You know I think with all the COVID-19 going on this is a great way that Durant has provided for us to be able to still have a traditional but in a weird way kind of parade for us and I'm really thankful that I'm getting to graduate with my class," said Kreitz.