Local schools are being proactive to prevent active shooter situation

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - There have been 11 school shootings across the country since 2018 began, and that has parents on edge to send their kids off to class. That number includes suicides and even one situation at Grayson College where someone accidentally fired a gun and didn't injure anyone.

Parents Lauren and Jordan Gwyther said the safety of their four and six-year-olds is their biggest priority. So hearing about constant school shootings, like Tuesday's in Kentucky and Monday's in Italy, Texas, have them terrified.

"I home-schooled our kids for preschool and thought to maybe continue that after seeing shootings and being afraid that might happen to my babies," said mom Lauren Gwyther.

Sherman ISD met with it's faculty and staff Wednesday morning for a refresher on staying safe in shooter situations.

"We talk about making sure we're practicing drills, and always aware of surrounding," said Tyson Bennett with Sherman ISD. "We keep safety first and foremost."

Bennett said Sherman schools have resource officers patrolling classrooms and regular lockdown drills. Denison ISD is similar.

"You have to be cleared through reception areas to go anywhere in campus," said Brian Eaves with Denison ISD. "We are always thinking about the safety of the teachers, faculty, and students."

Denison ISD not only locks the doors to every school, they also lock each classroom.

"If your child is in our care during day, we want to keep them safe in this environment," Eaves said.

The Gwythers said they have their kids in private school and hope they stay safe.

"Private schooling made me feel more comfortable," Lauren Gwyther said. "Sending them away, and hoping they'll come home safe."

Police have some safety tips for active shooter situations:

-Install security cameras
-Allow one point of access for a school and lock every door
-Have an escape route ready
-Be proactive about safety measures instead of reactive
-Monitor your surroundings closely and keep your eye out for suspicious behavior

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