Local schools plan for graduations amid COVID-19 pandemic

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Denison High School will still have their graduation at Munson Stadium, with a few restrictions.

One senior says this is the best case scenario, as they feared it could have not happened at all.

"We've worked for 13 years and that's all we think about is graduation. We were all really scared that it wasn't going to happen," said Denison High School Valedictorian Jacque Matthews.

When seniors at Denison High School learned their graduation was postponed until mid-summer, Matthews and other students went to the school board to state their case how they can safely have a graduation ceremony.

"We started emailing school board members, with our feelings, what other students were saying, because we were kind of the voice for our class," said Matthews.

By following TEA guidelines, Denison will have a graduation ceremony, but with some restrictions.

Seniors will only have four tickets to give to family members, and families in the stands will also have to sit six feet apart.

"They will be walking across the stage, we will have a photographer there, so there will be some memories there that we'll try to keep as normal as possible," said Denison Senior Counselor Carrie Boettger.

Over at Sherman High School, they will hold four separate ceremonies over a two-day period in June at Bearcat Stadium.

Seniors at Sherman will get five tickets for their family members.

In Oklahoma, Durant High will have a parade that goes around town honoring their seniors on Thursday.

In Ardmore, their graduation ceremony will be held July 24 at 9 a.m., with a prom that will follow in the evening.

Not what she was expecting, but Mattews will take it.

"I'm just thankful that I have a school system that's willing to put on a graduation ceremony and still give us that memory," said Matthews.