Locals all asking for new Fannin County lake name to be changed

FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - The name of a new lake is causing uproar in Fannin County.

Last month at the groundbreaking for the 16,000 acre lake, Fannin County was presented with: "The North Texas Municipal Lake"-- a name many are now fighting to change.

"When I first heard they would call it the North Texas Municipal Lake, it reminded me of an old lake south of San Antonio that was a waste dump."

Carolyn Rogers said she's had family in Fannin County for decades.

"I have ancestors here," Rogers said. "My grandpa, great-grandpa and great-great-grandpa were born here."

She was one of dozens who came to commissioners court Tuesday, protesting the lake name.

"A lot of people participated and came together and we decided we want North Texas Municipal Water District to rename the lake Bois D'arc Lake," said Fannin County judge Spanky Carter.

Carter said he thought Fannin County would pick the name.

But the water district board had other ideas.

"The board did provide a new name based on the pride the history of the area we support, the North Texas municipal area," said water district executive director Tom Kula "Not to discount the pride and history of this area here."

Kula said they were proud to name it after the water district. and expected no backlash. But for everyone here, the choice was obvious: Bois D'arc Lake.

"We asked, is there anybody opposed, and not one person raised their hand," Carter said.

"It reminded me of a saying that's been part of my life for several years that under all is the land," Rogers said. "Bois D'arc has been a part of Fannin county and north Texas for hundreds of years."

Kula says they're listening.

"It is important for us to be good neighbors," Kula said we would not ever want the naming of the lake to come between us."

Judge Carter will meet with the water district board of directors in July to state their case and hopefully change the name.

The $1.6 billion dollar lake should full of water by 2022.

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