Locals call entry into Madill safe, deadly accident rare

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII)-- Troopers are still investigating the deadly crash that happened just outside of Madill Wednesday morning.

"Its a straight shot, there's no curves, no obstacles where you can't see," Madill resident Judy Clifford, who travels the highway multiple times a day, said.

With four lanes of traffic, a turn lane and a speed limit of 45 miles an hour, residents like Clifford say Highway 70 going into Madill is a fairly safe stretch of road.

"As far as the roads, I don't see nothing wrong with the roads," Kingston Harley 'Ductape' Eakins, who frequents the route with his motorcycle club, said. "There's two white lines there for a reason, and yellow lines that caution you to vehicles coming along the roads, so I don't see an issue with it personally."

That's why both he and Clifford were so shocked to hear about a deadly accident that happened there Wednesday, when Troopers say a car crossed the center line and struck a semi going the opposite direction.

"I think its very unusual for it to happen right there, its not something you ever hear about happening right there." Clifford said. "I would've thought it happened outside of town, but not there when there's no rain, no weather conditions or traffic."

48-year-old Gwendolyn Rose of Kingston was riding in the back of the car, and was killed. Driver 50-year-old John Gladden of Albany, Oklahoma and passenger 45-year-old Amber Worchester of Kingston were both careflighted to a Plano hospital.

"It's very sad, for anybody. That's a deadly accident. If I lost one of my brothers, or my wife or kids, I'd be devastated," Eakins said. "Don't go over the speed limit, because you never know what's going to come over that hill, or who's drinking and driving or playing with someone on their dashboard."

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