Locals react to proposed bill allowing volunteer first responders to carry guns

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KXII) -- "I believe when it comes down to personal protection, I believe anybody in the state of Texas ought to carry a gun," says local Greg Roberts.

"With this day and age you better start carrying with all those idiots out there and convicted felons, I say carry," says local Chad Jennings.

"'Cause all your nuts are gonna be carrying, so I'm for it," says local Perry Montgomery.

These Grayson County locals we spoke with all agree with a bill that would allow volunteer firefighters and first responders to carry a handgun when they're out at an emergency scene.

"If they're very capable and they've got their license and everything but I'm for them carrying when they go on out to anything," says Montgomery.

According to the bill, first responders would have to prove they're a first responder, have a license to carry and undergo at least 40 hours of additional instruction.

Back in May, the house and senate passed the bill with flying colors and sent it to Governor Greg Abbott's desk.

"Go for it," says Jennings.

Jennings spent 15 years as a volunteer firefighter. He says this bill would protect first responders at any emergency scene.

"But back when I was a fireman you didn't have to worry about that," says Jennings. "Having to get up at all hours of the night and days and just go out and try to save property and lives."

"Just like a cop they're public servants," says Montgomery. "And they get called to everything and you may save someone's life one of these days."

If the governor signs the bill, it will go in effect the first of September.

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