Locals voice their opinion on the future of Jacobs Bridge

MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) - "Repair, replace or remove," Division Engineer Jay Earp said.

Jacob's bridge was damaged early October when a trailer truck crashed into it, killing the driver and causing a section of it to be removed.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials said during this public meeting they prefer to take it down.

But residents made it clear they want it repaired.

"We use it daily and it's out of the way for us to go any other way and it's dangerous getting on 32, so we like Jacobs Road," Joe Martin Jr. said.

Joe Martin Jr. has lived on Airport Road for 23 years and used the bridge to get around town faster.

"I use it everyday sometimes two or three times a day," Martin said.

ODOT says they want it removed because it is the cheapest option and they say not enough people use it.

Besides that, they think it would have to be replaced in 25 years anyway.

"In the future 1-35 is going to have to be 6 lanes," Earp said, "At that point the piers of the existing bridge will have to be relocated so it will have to be rebuilt then."

But Martin says that's not a good enough reason to make their commutes longer.

"What they do 25 years down the road is immaterial to us, it is what we do now," Martin said.

ODOT says the public will be able to send in feedback until Dec. 12th.

"The team members will get together and will review all the comments and we will make a decision at that point," Earp said, "We will do a mail out of that decision to the users that were present tonight."

"At least these guys from the DOT know how we feel and what we expressed our opinion about," Martin said.