Long time Grayson County criminal gets 50 years behind bars

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Grayson County man just got a half century in prison for running from police following a list of convictions dating back to the 1990's.

"Curtis Nelson is known by sight to any police officer in Sherman-- he's been a life long criminal," said Asst. District Attorney Britton Brooks.

Nelson's long list of priors starts back in 1999 and goes all the way to 2017, when he was recognized driving his gold Mercedes by a Sherman cop in April who knew he had several felony warrants out for him.

"When they saw him driving, [the police officer] made a U-Turn. Nelson saw him and sped off and drove all over Sherman going 70 miles per hour," Brooks said.

Nelson managed to get away that time, but it added another warrant.

This week, prosecutor Brooks took him to trial for that crime and several others.

"He's never stopped. Every time he's not in prison, he's committing a crime," Brooks said.

Curtis had gone to federal prison for crack cocaine, was in jail for evading and tampering and Brooks brought up allegations of beating women. Several ex-girlfriends took the stand.

"The jury heard he had beaten up several of his past girlfriends," Brooks said. "I brought some of those girls to trial, I showed them pictures of their injuries which were extreme."

After two hours of deliberation, the jury found him guilty and sentenced him to fifty years behind bars.

It's something Sherman police Sgt. Brett Mullen is glad to hear.

"When we have a prolific offender, seeing him get a strong sentence puts forward a good message to our community that we don't put up with habitual offenders," Mullen said.

"It's very important we removed him from society," Brooks said.

Police said they're relieved they won't have to deal with the long-time offender any longer.

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