Dogs creating havoc in Savoy neighborhood, chasing down people and other pets

SAVOY, Tex. (KXII)-- On Tuesday night, police were called to a Savoy neighborhood after one of the dogs got out of its backyard and went after a small dog that was outside with its owner.

Andrew Conti has had a close encounter with the dogs before, he said, "What do we have to do to get dogs to stop being loose in the neighborhood that's all, I don't know what to do."

Fed up, last week Conti shot video on his cellphone of several dogs who got out of their yard, just feet away from several homes.

In the video you can hear Conti say, "We can't even walk around and let our animals out because these dogs are attacking everybody."

He is referring to last Monday when a young boy was riding his bicycle.

Seconds later a dog rushed over to the boy, he ran inside a neighbors house for safety without being bitten.

Another neighbor, Justin Hall said, "Later that day my kids were getting off the bus and the city guy was there and he had to shoot at them because they were chasing my daughter."

Conti continued, "The next day in the morning I went to let my dog out and they chased me right back in my house."

Savoy Police Chief Carl Harrell said that the dog owner has been cited numerous times with fines totaling $2,000 for four incidents.

Since the dogs haven't bitten anyone yet, he said by law he can't take custody of the dogs.

Chief Harrell said that on Wednesday the owner of the dogs showed up in court for two prior citations, and said she will give up all six dogs by Saturday.

This afternoon two friends of the dogs' owner picked up a few dogs and drove off in a car, getting that process underway. They refused an interview.

No one has been hurt in any of these incidents.

Chief Harrell said that if the dogs are still on the property after Saturday, all he can do is to continue to cite the owner.