Love County issues burn ban

MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) -- "The burn ban was purposed due to the severe fire conditions," Love County Emergency Manager AshLeigh Gillham said. "As of right now we are critical fire danger."

A wildfire burned hundreds of acres Monday in Love County -- destroying multiple homes and structures.

But Gillham says forecast weather conditions are why they voted to ban outdoor burning for the next two weeks.

The Oklahoma Forestry Services say since vegetation is dead and dry this time of year, they determine fire danger based on three things.

"What type of temperature, wind and humidity we will have - those are the items within the weather that plays into how bad a fire day can be," Fire Management Chief Mark Goeller said.

And with current dry conditions, increasing winds and rising temperatures, fire danger remains high in most of Oklahoma - especially for Thursday.

"All that combined creates a perfect environment for large fire growths and for fires to be very problematic to contain and suppress," Goeller said.

Goeller says be cautious on the highway and avoid having metal from safety chains spark on the road.

He recommends people take action now by cutting their grass and removing leaves, limbs and firewood from around their homes.

"If we see the strong cold fronts, the high winds with no moisture following then yes, this could be a very bad year for us," Goeller said.

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