Lynn Chambers voted in as new mayor of Achille

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)-- A week after the former Achille mayor was arrested for stealing from police evidence.

The town has a new mayor.

Billie Hughes, a former Achille councilwoman who did not win reelection. She and others are now worried about the future of their town, after the council voted Lynn Chambers as their new mayor.

In a vote of three to one, council members voted in councilman Lynn Chambers as their new leader.

"And what they said, if you vote for me we'll clean this town up, well that's what I wanna see, Achille cleaned up, because its never been cleaned up..never been," said Hughes.

It took only a few seconds, and three votes in favor to make Lynn Chambers the new mayor of Achille.

Council members Bryan Baker, Amy Williams and Lynn Chambers all voted yes, while Randy Howard was the only member to vote no.

"We got a new mayor, and guys I'm glad you made a good decision, if you made a good one," said Hughes.

Just a few months ago Chambers was arrested for trafficking meth and possession of weapons.

However charges have not been filed.

A month later he was caught saying a racial slur on camera.

"We live in a democratic society the citizens elect the council, and the council elected the mayor," said Bart Alsbrook.

This isn't the first time Chambers has been mayor, back in 2010, then Mayor Chambers was arrested for for embezzlement in connection to a contracting job.

However, he was found not guilty.

When Hughes was asked if she sees Achille ever changing in a positive way, this is what she said.

"No I don't, I really don't," said Hughes.

"With a change of leadership I really hope the best for Achille," said Bart Alsbrook.