Newly-elected Achille mayor won't face charges from December arrest

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- A representative from the Bryan County District Attorney's office says charges won't be filed against Lynn Chambers because the Achille police department performed an improper search on his residence in December.

Even though charges won't be filed, Chambers being elected mayor by the town board didn't sit well with one trustee.

"Our police officers that we hired were not suitable," said Chambers.

In December, Lynn Chambers was arrested for meth trafficking and possession of weapons. Now, those charges have been dropped.

"They found nothing on my property. There's no pictures, no proof or anything. They didn't find anything," said Chambers.

One former Achille police officer says no weapons or drugs were found inside Chambers house, but provided video showing officers finding over 100 grams of meth inside a shop building on Chambers property.

In total, police say they found over 200 grams of meth and two pounds of marijuana on Chambers' property.

Chambers denies any of the drugs were his.

"People who know me know there's no drugs involved in my lifestyle," said Chambers.

Wednesday morning, newly elected Achille board of trustee Patrick Davis resigned from his position because Chambers was voted mayor at Tuesday nights board meeting.

Newly elected trustee Amy Williams says she voted for Chambers to be mayor because of his previous experience as the town's mayor.

"But I think we have a pretty good team right now, I really do. I know Lynn's been in trouble but I think we have a pretty good team right now," said Williams.

In the meantime, Chambers says he has plans to apply for grants to help improve the town's streets and infrastructure.

"We just have to all pull together, its the only way its going to work. We have a few that don't want to work with us but for the most part Achille is really good people. You have to see through the bad," said Chambers.

While no charges will be filed against Chambers, a Bryan County District Attorney representative says Emily Redman will review the cases of the other four people arrested in December along with Chambers and determine what charges will be filed, if any.