Madill convienence store robbed

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MADILL,Okla. (KXII) -- The Love's Country Store on West Tishomingo Street and South 11th Avenue was robbed early Tuesday, and the culprit got away with approximately $200.

Madill Love's Country Store robbery suspect.

Madill police say at 1:30 Tuesday morning, a man went to the restroom in the store, then went to the counter with a soft drink.

"He was wearing blue jeans. He had a black hoodie. He had a black beanie on, he was wearing gloves. His face was fully revealed. He didn't try to hide his face."

They say once he got to the cash register, he then pulled up his hoodie, showed what appeared to be a pistol and asked the cashier to hand over the money.

"The clerk responded you don't have to do this."

But the suspect didn't take no for an answer. Police say he then put his hand on the pistol and told her to not make him do something that he didn't want to do.

"At that time she gathered up all the cash that was in the cash register and handed it to the suspect."

Police say he got away on foot with about $200. They're glad no one was hurt and say the cashier did the right thing.

"Lives come first, I mean property and that kind of stuff can be replaced and the clerk did absolutely what she should have done. She complied with his order and gave him the cash."

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