Madill officers recognized for arrest of Arizona bank robbery suspect

MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - Madill Police Department recognized three of its officers on Tuesday for their quick action and professionalism for arresting a fugitive bank robbery suspect from Arizona .

Madill police chief Donald Yow presented letters of commendation to officers JT Moore, Dustin Atnip and Alex Boren for the arrest of 57-year-old David Banks of Phoenix, AZ.

Boren said he had about 15 minutes left in his shift on Feb. 3 when the department got information from U.S. Marshals to look out for a white Lexus headed north out of Grayson County, TX.

"I mean, it was shift change time," Boren said. "I should have probably gone home but just to back up my brother and another officer, and another brother."

Atnip was off duty at the time and happened to pass by the Lexus as the order to be on the lookout went over his handheld radio.

He started following Banks and let the other officers know.

Boren and Moore set up on the south side of Madill, near 12th Avenue and Highway 377.

"We worked well together," Boren said. "We went past what was necessary and had a good outcome to what could have been a bad situation."

The on-duty officers pulled over the car and arrested Banks without any trouble.

They said they found about $1000 cash and a BB pistol with him.

Police in Tempe, AZ said Banks walked into a U.S. Bank branch in late January demanding money and got away with about $5,200.

“I wouldn’t say that it would be notable," Boren said. "Maybe headline wise, it’s a big one but it’s no different than many of the stops and arrests that we make on a daily basis. There's not anything that we wouldn't do for each other. We'll move mountains if it means that we're all safe and there's a very positive outcome."

Madill police said Banks is still in the Marshall County jail and waiting to be taken back to Arizona.