Suspect arrested in brutal beating of Madill pawn shop owner

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - A man faces a charge of aggravated assault for brutally beating a Madill pawn shop owner with a wooden fence plank after he turned down the man's request to pawn items.

Jones Pawn surveillance video captures Cory Jones's assailant, Stephen Ray Gilbert on Wednesday, Aug, 21, 2019. Gilbert was rejected by Jones after trying to pawn his items, left, and came back to deliberately attack Jones.

Surveillance video from Jones Pawn shows Stephen Ray Gilbert, attacking owner Cory Jones after Jones rejected Gilbert after he tried to pawn his items.

The assault happened around 3:30 p.m Wednesday. Jones said he was alone when Gilbert re-entered his shop with a wooden fence plank.

"He came in, tried to pawn some things and I said 'No.' We exchanged some words, he left and I thought I'll leave at that, but the next thing I know he's coming in and welling [a wooden plank] across to my head and my chest," said Jones.

Gilbert left Jones with seven staples in his head, a ruptured eardrum and repeatedly struck Jones at least nine times to the head and chest.

Jones’s mother and shop Co-owner Marcy Jones said she was four minutes away at the Fred Stanley Center when she got a call from her son.

"I walked in and everything was in shambles. Just torn up, wood everywhere from that paddle and he was bleeding, the police were here. Pretty scary for a mom," Marcy said.

Cory said the assault is not discouraging him to returning to work.

“It might stop me from being here alone, y'know, but it's not going to stop me from being a pawnbroker and it's not going to stop me from saying no to people that I have to say no to," Jones said.

The Madill Police Department said Gilbert is in custody and is in the Marshall County Jail.