Madill resident claims dogs mauled colts

Published: Jun. 14, 2018 at 6:41 PM CDT
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"The people who feed for us called early Sunday morning were in the pasture in the Oakland area and they said get over here quick it's the worst thing they've seen," said Madill resident Mary Lou Beard.

Beard said something attacked her colts over the weekend. She believes it was a pack of loose dogs.

"One of the palomino colts it's little legs was like jelly with bones sticking out, big hunks of flesh torn out," Beard said. "The little paint colt, it's whole throat was cut out, I don't mean skin, I don't mean flesh, I mean ripped out with the tendons the muscles and esophagus."

Those two horses were put down and this one survived but may have to be put down after it's wounds became infected.

"The third one, it's eye was bitten out, hunks of flesh everywhere," Beard said.

Beard said she thinks dogs were the culprits.

"Coyotes usually, they kill to eat they don't really kill for sport but dogs like to maul and rip and tear," Beard said. "They do horrible destruction, which coyotes don't do that."

"We don't know what attacked the horses," said Madill Police Officer Alex Boren. "We don't have any eyewitnesses. At this point it's speculation but it does appear to be k-9 related."

Madill Police told News 12 if someone's dogs attacked the horses, the owner could be ticketed for property loss, which could be a felony or misdemeanor if the owner resides in the city limits due to leash laws. But the Sheriff's Office said if the dogs belong to someone who lives in the county, the owner could be civilly liable to the damage done to the horses.

Beard said her horses cost thousands of dollars, but she also worries what could happen if they're not captured, since kids walk near her pastures all the time.

"Oh my gosh I hope they don't run into a pack of dogs and it will happen," Beard said. "It's gonna happen."

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