Madill set to open new food manufacturing plant

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - A new food processing plant is getting ready to hire dozens of people in Madill when it opens in two months.

The plant off of East Main St. is owned by the Stryve Company - which makes high protein snacks.

The company started up about a year and a half ago with former NFL player Gabe Carimi as the CEO and one of the co-founders.

Carimi says it'll be the third plant their company has opened and they are looking to hire about 50 people who will work with processing the meat to distribute and sale.

"We're accepting job applications on site - we have people on sight already," Carimi said. "We're already doing our distribution through Madill''s site right now while construction is finishing up on our raw process side."

City manager James Fullingim says the company will be renovating the facility that hasn't been used in three years.

"I'm very excited about it cause not only are we getting new jobs in Madill but we're bringing jobs back into a plant that's been shut down for several years," James Fullingim said.

A grand opening event will take place at the plant's parking lot Nov. 15.

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